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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

WSA2000 - I talk business with Ingrid - Mike

I wake up this morning feeling two things.

First was I was about to cum, and cum hard.

Second was that my cock was deep in a throat. There are worse places for a cock to be. I decide to not look at who it is, or grab the head or any thing else like that and just let fly. I cum, and as I said above, cum hard. Right down who ever it's throat. I can feel her swallowing. It feels great. After I finish, the mystery woman pulls off and I hear Ingrid's voice. "Does that make up for yesterday?"

"Oh, yeah. How did you bring me almost to orgasm with out waking me up?"

"A slave has to have some secrets from her master..."

"OK, I guess your right", I say with a bit of a laugh. "Let me remove your bomb." After it comes off I tell her "You need to be in my office in 10 minutes. I need to talk to you before we wake the others."

She arrives in the office with a few to spare. "What was your social security number?"

She gives me this blank look "Was?"

"Yes, was, it's not your social security number any more. You don't have a social security number any more."

She gives me the number. I enter it into a web form, then wait for the page to be displayed. I print off the document.

"Sign here. It really doesn't matter if you sign, my signature and corporate stamp is all that's needed to make it legal, but they have a block for your signature, and I'd rather not risk someone getting snippy later on."

She signs the paper, I sign and stamp it.

"Congratulations. You are no longer a personal slave or slave for resell."

She looks well, hopeful.

"However, you are not a free woman. I just transferred you to my company. You are now a corporate asset."

She looks confused.

"Corporate assets slaves are the great secret bit about modern white slavery. Every one looks at the sex slave, the porn slaves, and like that, but well over 50% of the white slaves in the country aren't working in what you would call the sex industry. About 15% of the female work force in the service industry are enslaved, and the number is rising. There are getting to be quite a few at the management level and a few at senior management level. I now have a legal obligation to feed, cloth, provide medical care for you and to provide shelter for you. For what it's worth, until I made this change, I didn't have those obligations. I also can't transfer you or sell you to any body other than an other corporation that has registered as a slave owning body, who will have the same obligations, with out a lot of extra work and fees. I can still punish you as I see fit, however I have to file a report after it is complete with the state slave board, as well as with the state employment commission. I'm not sure why they want those, to be honest. The biggest difference in your status is that you can now legally act as my companies agent, in all aspects of my business. That means you are going to be signing the enslavement papers on other women, if I'm not here."

She didn't really look happy about this, but nodded her head. "What about the other girls? Why did you want to tell me this before they got up?"

"I got a call from the Torture Channel dude in charge of the show. They want to keep a core group of slaves around here for at least 6 months or so. Belinda and Stacey are to be made into "rental" slaves, and they would like Sonya and Jen as well. I've explained that I don't think Sonya is safe yet, and that Jen is a special case. They said they would get back to me on that."

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